Day Program

working in the day program


The Arris Centre provides year round programming for adults living with disabilities as well as a summer program for young adults who are still eligible to attend school during the school year.


Brett, Kyle and Liz using an ipad with a communication program, this program allows staff to communication with participants and to teach participants to use the device in the community. The funds for the Ipad were from a grant given to Arris Centre by Interlake Community Foundation.


We provide a Skills Program to learn and acquire skills by volunteering in the community.  The goal is that the volunteer opportunities help to increase work skills and enhance forgotten skills for those interested in gaining employment.  This program is also offered to students 19-22 years of age during the school breaks.

A Leisure/Recreation Program is also offered for individuals who chose not to follow an employment path.  This option is also available for students 19-22 years of age.