Supported Employment Opportunities

(formerly Interlake Employment Services)

Interlake Employment Services (IES) was formed in April 1990 and for nearly 30 years provided support for people with disabilities such as intellectual, developmental or psychological that require assistance in entering the labour market from our offices in Stonewall, Selkirk and Gimli.  October 1 2019 marked a 50% reduction in the provincial government funding for this program  causing us to close our offices in Gimli, and Selkirk and reduce our workforce.  Given this dramatic change in our service model we have decided to rebrand IES as Supported Employment Opportunities (SEO)

Service to our clients will continue from home offices in Sekirk and Winnipeg Beach and from our main office at 307 Main Street in Stonewall

Individual assistance is available from SOE, throughout the process of preparing for, securing and maintaining employment.

Supported Employment is real work (paid, minimum wage or standard pay for that position) in an integrated setting with ongoing support provided by an agency with expertise in finding employment for people with disabilities.