Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives


The Association for Community Living Interlake Branch recognizes the value of every person and believes that people living with an intellectual disability are individuals; each of whom has rights as community members.

Mission statement

Community Living Interlake is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals, living with an intellectual disability, to live a fully inclusive life as members of the community.


  • CLI clients are individuals and have a right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • CLI support for people living with intellectual disabilities is person centered and holistic.
  • CLI clients have a right to actively and independently participate in the community
  • CLI programs and support should promote self-esteem and personal growth


  • Community Living Interlake objectives are to:
  • Provide Housing and community residence living
  • Provide employment training, job skills development and job placement
  • Protect individual choice, independence, meaningful activity and life skills education
  • Demonstrate industry best practices, reflective of current research
  • Ensure staff are qualified and have the resources to work at the highest standards
  • Promote full inclusion of people living with intellectual disabilities
  • Promote awareness of the programs, services and value of CLI to the broader community