Community Living Interlake

People. Programs. Personal Growth.

At Community Living Interlake we help people living with Intellectual Disabilities.  We help them live, work and benefit from leading meaningful lives in a fully integrated community.  Our programs provide housing, job training, employment assistance and recreation activities in Stonewall and the surrounding region.


About Us

Community Living Interlake is a community based, nonprofit organization that provides housing, employment and skills training to approximately 50 people living with intellectual disabilities and employment services to approximately 150 others who have difficulty entering the workforce.  With offices in Stonewall, Selkirk,Warren, Teulon, Gimli, Arborg, our clients come from across the southern interlake region of Manitoba.

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Through our services, many of our clients become productive members of society. Without CLI, our clients could be institutionalized or homeless. Our services contribute to Stonewall and the surrounding region, through a reduction in crime, poverty, and family strife.  For over 50 years we have contributed to a reduction in healthcare and mental health by caring for individuals and providing assistance to their families. The need is growing.  An additional 15 people will soon graduate from the transitional programs for people living with disabilities at Stonewall Collegiate.  These young people, in addition to our current clients, require our help to reach their potential and become productive members of Stonewall.